Soapstone - Natural heat-storing

Many millions of years went by before humankind discovered it -  the stone, originated in the depth of the earth which presents itself on the surface in a multitude of splendid colors and patterns.

Soapstone is perfectly suited for fireplaces

Soapstone acquires its unusual character as a stove material by virtue of its predominant constituents, steatite and magnesite. The resulting unique properties have been used for centuries in northern countries. The extremely high heat storage capacity and ability to conduct heat predestine soapstone to be the perfect stove building material above all others.

For a uniform, cozy and healthy warmth

The atmosphere remains clean, the floor and walls are warm and the natural air humidity is maintained, with rooms remaining always at a comfortable temperature. The healthy radiant warmth will convince you each and every day. Doctors and green building experts agree on the positive influence of the human organism. Soapstone fireplaces are a source of joy which will make you become fit and active again.



The special characteristics of WILLACH soapstone

Our soapstone is not mined as mass product in Finland as is the case with most other manufacturers. This offers the advantage that we can select the best soapstone for our fireplaces – unlike in Finland where those stones must be taken which have just been mined.

Long-lasting warmth

  • Soapstone has an extremely high heat storage capacity which predestines it like no other material to be used in fireplace constructions.
  • These miracle stones give off heat for up to 24 hours after firing (depending on insulation, model, size and outdoor temperature).

Extraordinary thermal conductivity

  • Thanks to the large surface, heat is emitted in a consistent manner providing for a cozy warmth.
  • Consistent radiant heat provides for a comfortable indoor climate and a healthy living room.
  • When compared to the firebricks traditionally used in fire places, soapstone has a 6 to 7 times higher thermal conductivity.

Highly efficient

  • Rapid heating and long cooling period: it is often sufficient to pile the fire up for two or three times.
  • The combustion process in a soapstone masonry heater achieves an efficiency of up to 90%.
  • Soapstone masonry heaters are time-fire fireplaces and therefore make very sparing use of wood as a regenerative combustible.

The environmentally friendly result: you can get a maximum of gain from a minimum of wood.

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