Welcome to the world of WILLACH soapstone fireplaces

Experience your new fireplace up close!

Visit us and get an overview of our comprehensive range and the opportunities a WILLACH soapstone fireplace can offer.

In our comfortable exhibition rooms, you can have a close look at your dream fireplace and convince yourself of the quality of our products. On an exhibition space of approx. 220 m² distributed on several rooms, there are more than 20 different stove models waiting to be discovered by you.

Integrated into our own heating system

In our exhibition area, you can not only take a close look at our products, but also get inspired by the efficient integration of the heating.

The entire exhibition area is integrated into an energetically renovated farmhouse and is heated via a wall-heating system. Simple and very efficient at the same time.

With our heating system, we demonstrate the operating principle and show you what “radiant heat” really means. Experience it for yourself!

Detailed advice and service

Do not miss out on one of the strengths of WILLACH soapstone heat-storing manufactory:

Comprehensive advice and information on use and properties of the fireplaces.We show you the options and develop individual solutions that perfectly fit your living room.

Visit our exhibition and let us show you how to reduce your heating costs. Consultation preferably by appointment – so you can go easy on your time.

Business hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday 10 am to 12:30 pm


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