Your individual fireplace made of soapstone

From design to construction and commissioning

For many years, WILLACH has been translating the principle of a heat-retaining fireplace manufactory into practice: beginning with the soapstone cut in the mine, to the preparation and processing according to our own design, up to the mostly handmade fireplace which will be assembled at your home in the last step.

You can select one of the numerous basic models and we personalize your soapstone fireplace in accordance with your requirements, demands and local conditions.

That is why WILLACH stands for individual single-unit productions.

WILLACH – not a fireplace off the shelf

Countless work steps - from soapstone mining to the customized assembly at your home - make every stove unique. Even though the price will be higher as for a robot-welded fireplace, the durability of this investment is much higher and therefore reduces your heating costs sustainably.

The quarry is the beginning of every soapstone fireplace



Fascination with soapstone

It's velvety smooth surface, its structure of lifelike veins and most of all its capacity of storing cozy warmth and releasing it over time and evenly into your living space make soapstone a truly unique material in the world of heating comfort.

It is for this reason that WILLACH heat-storing fireplace manufactory specialized in fireplaces of this type.


What differentiates Willach soapstone fireplaces from other soapstone fireplaces?

First of all, the material itself, as WILLACH soapstone is not mined in Finland. Different types are mined: a dark gray and a lighter gray stone with different veining. Furthermore, we place great importance on individuality and high processing quality. Even for the numerous basic models, the company sets very high standards.

We will be pleased to explain you all characteristics, special benefits and the simple use of our soapstone fireplaces in person. Not only the facts speak for themselves, also our satisfied customers are convinced by the pleasantly long-lasting warmth.

Guarantee and extensive service

We won't leave you alone after installation.

To make sure that you will be able to enjoy your fireplace for a long time, we will provide you with a detailed introduction for operation and maintenance. In the unlikely event that the fireplace is damaged, e.g. due to overheating or external influences, we will of course be at your side. We will also be pleased to assist you with future relocation or selling.

As we are committed to the quality of our soapstone fireplaces, we demonstrate our trust in the product with a manufacturer guarantee.



Fireplaces in top quality

Individual and expressive

The polished surfaces, the placement of the joints, the roundover on the cantilevers and baseplates, the avoidance of miters and many other details, make the Willach look, one congruent oven, their design fully resolved.

In this way, the expressive power of the stone is adapted to your ideas and local conditions. WILLACH therefore offers the possibility to individually design the fireplace and spatial adjustment.

The special „see-through-fireplace“

See-through-fireplaces are soapstone masonry heaters that can be fired from the front and the back, so-called tunnel fireplaces. These fireplaces are ideally suited as partitions, e.g. between living and dining room. Furthermore, this version of soapstone masonry heater can be integrated into a wall in order to heat two rooms, e.g. the staircase or the hallway as well.

An extremely effective solution of WILLACH with excellent results to save energy and space.



Economic efficiency already during production

Our stone is different – better and still less expensive.

The optimum coordination of our in-house soapstone mining, plate and stone production up to the individual manufacture of your fireplace lead to surprisingly advantageous prices.

In order to accurately plan and calculate all details, we provide you with comprehensive advice. For us, the sale does not end with the selling of the product. You – as the buyer – will remain our customer. We inform you about the features and benefits of our fireplaces enabling you to save money in the long term.

Technically competent, objective and serving the intended purpose: economical and environmentally friendly heating.





The tradition of fireplace production

Werner Willach founded the company in 1982 which was initially focused on the distribution of heaters.

Soapstone by conviction

In 1988, we got involved in the soapstone fireplace business. Owner and CEO Werner Willach was enthused about the unusual properties of this material. 8 years later after garnering substantial experience working with soapstone, he decided to produce his own designs.

First he embarked on the search for a suitable raw material and in 1996 he finally found it. Two intense years of pioneer labor were necessary until in 1998 the quarrying and production of soapstone began. After a long period of development work and investments, our company is today prepared to significantly extend the production by relocating the preproduction.

Low-priced production – produced individually

The development continues. In the past, soapstone was mined, the raw plates have been shipped to Germany and processed in the Siegerland region. Today, the WILLACH factory is in a position to transfer the soapstone fireplace, plans developed in Germany, to the local mining company and to manufacture as ordered directly adjacent to the company-owned mine.

In this way, the manual manufacture and assembly of the fireplaces became an industrial production over the years. Throughout the entire CAD design, all components of the fireplaces are exactly specified and can thus be produced with 1:1 repeating accuracy. The company meanwhile employs more than 30 workers at home and abroad.

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