Soapstone masonry heaters: noticeably better

The opportunity for an economical system fireplace

Outdated heating technology is expensive. Poor insulation, excessive and inefficient consumption, incorrect system design and technical wear expose the inefficiency and energy waste of old systems due to rising energy costs.

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Pleasantly even radiant heat

In many cases, a soapstone masonry heater with heat exchanger can cover up to 50% of the total heat requirement. And in fact, not with hot air or convection which would cause overheating, but with a pleasantly even radiant heat.



Emission compliance

Also from an ecological perspective, a restoration offers environmentally friendlier living complying with todays’ as well as future emission regulations and specifications on the use of regenerative energies.

Soapstone masonry heaters: a contemporary “bundle of energy” with the best image the sector has seen in the past 20 years!



Heat exchangers and heat-storage tanks

Storing and making optimum use of thermal energy

A soapstone masonry heater decorates your living area and warms the adjacent room. Soon you will enjoy the cosy warmth and surely want to use your fire more often.

Then excess heat should not overheat the living room, but should be used in a smart way with a heat-sorage tank.

Details about the heat-storage tank




Solar energy and air-to-air heat pump / air-to-water heat pump

Higher savings through the power of the sun

If you complement the excellent storage properties of your soapstone masonry heater and heat-storage tank even further with a solar module, your gas or oil consumption would drop towards practically zero.

With the combination of all components offered by WILLACH - tailor-made as a perfect unit - you will obtain an unrivaled efficiency which cannot be achieved with other heating kits.

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